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Customer Loyalty Cards August 11, 2011

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When the associate at your favorite store asks if you have a card, I hope you’re saying “Yes!”  These cards will get you the best sales at all of the stores where you shop most, but they can also give you dollars off coupons for your next shopping trip.  If you don’t have a card, why are you passing up free money?

Coupons are money!  When you use customer loyalty cards AND manufacturer coupons, you are going to get the rock bottom price you are looking for to help you stock up!  And when you’re not spending your money at the grocery or drug store, that’s money left in your wallet for other things.

Here’s how it works using CVS.  CVS offers ExtraBucks on certain items every week.  Meaning, when you buy those certain items in the quantity specified in the ad, you will walk out of the store with a coupon on the bottom of your receipt for dollars off your next visit at CVS.  Those items are generally on sale, too.  And if you’re a smart couponer, you have coupons for those items.

Here’s my trip: I bought a Gillette ProGlide razor that was priced at $9.99.  I had a $4 coupon from the newspaper.  The store was also giving $5 ExtraBucks when you purchased one razor.  In the couponing world, it’s common practice to count the free money off the current transaction, so I would say that it was like I paid 99 cents for the razor.  What actually happened was that I had ExtraBucks from a previous trip, so I did actually only pay 99 cents!  Then I had the $5 ExtraBucks for the next time.

Make sure you are getting the best possible deals at all the stores where you shop by signing up for their customer loyalty cards!


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